Jeepers & Creepers

An unsorted bunch

Frederik Berg Østergaard

Frederik loves games and stories; He is interested in the deconstruction and blending of tabletop and larps. Frederik worked hard in the danish freeform scene, writing over 14 con scenarios. He pays his bills as a freelance game designer while trying to finish his master thesis at the University of Copenhagen about religions and popular culture. The first jeeper to have a game translated into Italian.

Fredrik Axelzon

Fredrik is a man that manages to combine work and hobby. Not only does he have a history of writing games for companies, but but also for fun and honour. Fredrik is an excellent player, although he is inclined to play dirty old men. Fredrik is a co-author of "Välkommen till Förorten", a game about growing up in suburbian areas of Sweden with gangs and racism and also a co-author of the award-winning scenario "Doubt" with Tobias.

Olle Jonsson

Olle is the Kevin Bacon of the Scandinavian role-playing scene. When he moved to Denmark for love, he took the first step in making the Jeep an international movement. When he is not talking to people underlining his finer points with ad-lib country-style singing, he continues to meet his mortgage obligations by working as a web hacker in sunny Malmö.

Thorbiörn Fritzon

Thorbiörn was once a member of Köxmixer, a creator of Rollspelet Rollspel [Eng.: Role-playing, the RPG], writer for Kelter, and whatnot. Thorbiörn slaves for his daily bread at Sun Microsystems, where he evangelises Java and prepares the general public for the war of the virtual machines.

Tobias Wrigstad

When Tobias is not making weird games, lecturing on Jeepform or writing for someone else's larp, he earns his dime as an assistant professor in Computer Science at Uppsala University where he is researching ways of balancing work and play (read: trying to go to both the good conferences and the good cons, writing both the good papers and the good games).

Martin Brodén

Martin is the one jeep who has never lost faith in the idea of trusting the players. He is the acclaimed Emmis winner for his freeform–larp hybrid "Innan hösten" (Before the fall) and the most avid spokesjeep for full transparency in role-playing games. Martin is also an Emmy-winner (!) in the interactive TV category.

Anders Nygren

Anders is a father, and studying to be a journalist. A local patriot for the Swedish best coast (a pun on west coast, but that's Gothenburg for you). His playing style is empathic, and he extrapolates on previous ideas wonderfully.

Anna Westerling (!)

Anna is a producer genius (with creative skills to match). Anna did A Nice Evening with the Family, and is working on the next big thing. Brace yourself.



Line Berg Østergaard

Playing the rare session with Line is a treat. Her gaming weapons of choice used to be red Ferrari racecars in Formula Dé, or sports in Wii. Her off-hand ways of making things happen is surprising and wondrous. Superpower: Anything becomes a party.

Per Wetterstrand

Many years ago Per Wrote a wonderful scenario about Kongo. He is not only an excellent game master, but an even more excellent player, always sensing what's going on around him. He also never falls for hypes. Not even our own.

Luisa Carbonelli

Luisa plays and runs games so that players give their utmost. People raise the stakes when she's in the game. Crafter and maker of things happening. She's Italian, speaks native Danish, works in Copenhagen, and lives in Sweden.  

Jan Salomonsson

Despite being the co-author of No Sign of Alex, Jan is the Jeep's anti-member, the single person that believes that role-playing is about rolling dice and meta-gaming against the rules. This might be because he is damn smart and desperately needs a way for showing that off. Maybe he should be playing chess instead. Oops, no dice there either. Darn.

Emma Björnehed

Emma is an excellent player, one of the best of the Swedish freeform scene and has been around since one of the first freeform games made by jeepers came about. While she prefers playing to writing games, she is currently working on a game that will actually make use of the "no touching" rule in a good way.

Joachim Bengtsson

Jocke was always one of the best male players of the Swedish freeform scene. He has now mostly left the role-playing scene for writing, shooting and lighting movies. We trust him to single-handedly save Swedish film. Really.

Maddalena Lee

Madda is a natural, new to jeepform and larp-like role-playing. In her debut scenario, "Garbo Wasn't The One", she put her foot down and showed us that Garbo really wasn't the one. One day, she'll actually attend a con...  

J. Tuomas Harviainen

J. Tuomas is the first Finnish jeeper to be inaugurated in Finland. He is a frequent and well-played (and translated) larpwright, single father, librarian that knows a thing or two about Japanese rope bondage. He is also the first non-jeeper to have a game hosted on the jeep site (before becoming a jeep like the rest of us). Oh, and Jeeptuomas is also the vastly outnumbered immersionist resistance cell within the jeep movement.

Anna-Karin Linder

Anna-Karin studies theatre and created the larp The Last Supper (with Kristoffer Lind), and recently held a meta techniques workshop at Solmukohta 2008 for a full room. As a player, Anna-Karin is also the king of the monologue.

Ulrik Lehrskov-Schmidt

Ulrik is one of the master-minds behind the Fastaval Café, the place to be at Fastaval and has single-handedly made reality of the upcoming JeepCon in July. We all wish we would have had him amongst us for years and years. Ulrik is the key player in the jeepmobile project and the jeep cave. Expect not just big, but big, big, I mean big, big things.

Björn Stegerling

As a GM, Björn's superpower is playing NPC's. He can do 12 kids clinging on the player's legs at the same time. He is also a crazy guy, writing games that can go totally over the top in the best of ways!  

Loella Mårtensson

Apart from being a very strong and opinionated person, Loella is an excellent player, a game-wright, and one of the most sought-after cooks the the Swedish larp-scene. And she can curse from here to the moon and back. She'll kill you.

Robin Hermansson

Robin's strength is his flippancy, carefree ways, and love of character acting with faces and voices. Smithing experience. Mutation: Sleep anywhere. Defect: Sleep is the only thing he's got.  

Joc Koljonen

Joc is a writer, and international academic adventuress. Keen observer of Nordic culture, her incisive commentary on Swedishness is rousing. Rumor has it, she is working on a game. We are all eager to play it. Joc is, and remains, Finnish.

Jonas Harild

When Jonas and Frederik first met and played with the Jeep, Jonas said: "You are of our calibre!" Jonas is a fan of the epic, especially when it includes reall big horses. Keep your eye open for any results from The Epic Project.

Martin Jordö

Martin still use his impressing collection of magic-cards now and then, but he is a active larper and larp creator. He and his wife organises small parlor larps in Gothenborg in a jeep spirit. Martin has been a roleplayer for ages and visits Knutpunkt freqvently.

Daniel William-Olsson

Daniel likes to ride horses and outdoor climbing. He is one of the most skilled larpers in Sweden, both in acting and a costume maker. He is an stringent psychologist as profession.  

Emily Care Boss

Emily's path crossed the jeeps in 2007 when she was the Guest of Honour at Ropecon, Finland's largest con (about 4000 people) and found herself attracted to the "raw unedited role-playing" of games like The Upgrade! and Doubt. Two days after the con, Emily, Thorbiörn and Tobias were still playing—a legendary singing game on-top of a Elvis' record in Topi Pitkänen's collection. Emily is a acclaimed gamewright and owns the trademark on romantic role-playing games with Breaking the Ice, Shooting the Moon and the jeepform-y Under my Skin.

Emma Öström

Emma is a master larp organiser and character writer with a large number of successful events under her belt, such as Vreden (The Rage, 2005) and a superb adaptation of Vändpunkter (Turning Points, 2007). Emma is also a person with extreme integrity and standards that she does not stray from no matter the pressure. A rock to lean on, or hide behind.

Jonas Hörberg

Tobias is a frequent re-teller of the story when he (first?) met Jonas, playing a occult scenario written by Loella and Björn at BSK in the late 90's/early 00's where Jonas, a true freeformer with fingerspitzgefühl, used a banana as a symbolic prop in a dark room meta-telegraphing to his fellow player as he handed it over "this is your cock." The game was GM'd by Tobias and Jocke who spent most time singing "Until I love you" from the Pink Panther soundtrack, which is yet another way of GM'ing a 5-hour game.

Jacob Schmidt-Madsen

Filmmaker. Shepherd. Master storyteller. Writer. Explorer. Biographer. Poet-mystic. The incarnations of Jacob Schmidt-Madsen are many, but behind it all rests a person who has genuine interest in progressing the interactive media. Jacob is the author of many genre defying games, all with a unique focus on story and filled with lifeblood.


Jenny Bremberg

Jenny is a mother of one, soon to be a mother of two, ex WoW-playing employee of an electronics firm in the Malmö area. She did the sensible thing of growing up, securing her legacy and whatnot. And now she is bored and misses us.  

Anders Sebring

Teacher, Juggler, Vampire, Vampire Lord, Jester, Trickster, Tinker, Tailor, Pinker, Paler, Fae and Fey. Anders knows how to do everything, and he's too busy doing it to jeep much. He is much missed and much loved in his absence, especially by jeep fans who like their heroes dashing, charming and righteous.